AVIONAIRE Embarks on a New Journey with Global Licensed Aircraft Dealer Association (GLADA) Membership

Press Release | February 5, 2024

Indianapolis, IN – February 5, 2024

In a strategic move to further enhance its position as a pioneer in the aviation industry, AVIONAIRE is thrilled to announce its recent membership with the Global Licensed Aircraft Dealer Association (GLADA, glada.aero). This new affiliation underscores AVIONAIRE‘s commitment to revolutionizing the aircraft sales and acquisition process, through adherence to the highest standards of integrity, efficiency and personalized service.

GLADA, known for its advocacy in the fair and principled buying, selling, and leasing of business aircraft, stands at the forefront of developing best practices within the industry. By championing professional development and facilitating the exchange of information among its members, GLADA provides a robust foundation for business growth and integrity.

Kevin, Founder & President of AVIONAIRE, shared his vision for the company, stating, “From the outset, AVIONAIRE was conceived as more than just a brokerage firm; it was designed to be a boutique experience that merges best-in-class services with cutting-edge technology. We aim to elevate AVIONAIRE to a global leadership position, ensuring every client’s journey is seamless, superior, and customized to meet the highest aviation standards.”

The relationship between AVIONAIRE and GLADA is built on a shared commitment to excellence and ethical business practices. Having known Christine Blair, GLADA’s Operating Director, and several of its members for years, the decision for AVIONAIRE to join GLADA was both strategic and intuitive. Kevin expressed his enthusiasm about the membership: “We’re incredibly grateful and excited to be welcomed as a new member of GLADA! This partnership opens up incredible opportunities for us to enhance our service offerings and collaborate more closely with our peers, ensuring we continue to surpass our clients’ expectations with every transaction. A heartfelt thank you to GLADA for this opportunity – we’re eager to achieve great things together.”

Christine Blair also commented on the new membership, saying, “We are extremely excited to have AVIONAIRE join our organization and are looking forward to their involvement in our various committees. Their participation is sure to bring valuable insights and contribute significantly to our collective efforts in improving industry standards.”

AVIONAIRE‘s membership with GLADA represents a pivotal step in its mission to redefine the aircraft sales and acquisition landscape. Through this collaboration, AVIONAIRE is set to leverage GLADA’s resources and network to further its goal of delivering unparalleled service and achieving global leadership in the aviation industry.


Based in Indianapolis, IN, AVIONAIRE is a leading international brokerage firm specializing in the sales and acquisitions of aircraft. With a commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, AVIONAIRE offers a boutique experience that combines top-tier services with advanced technology, ensuring a seamless, superior and tailored client journey in the aviation market.


The Global Licensed Aircraft Dealer Association (GLADA) aims to be the leading advocate for the fair business of buying, selling and leasing business aircraft. As a resource and leader in developing efficient, effective, and principled business practices, GLADA fosters professional development and encourages the exchange of information among its members for the enhancement of business growth and integrity.

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